Chen Davidson

Ph.D candidate
​​​​​​​Advisors: Prop. Alon Amrani and Prop. Alon Angert
128 North

Interests:  Biogeochemical cycles, Carbonyl sulfide, Sulfur isotopes, Gross primary production

Dissertation Title: Carbonyl sulfide Sulfur isotopes ratios in seawater and in the atmosphere

Carbonyl sulfide (COS) is the major long-lived sulfur bearing gas in the atmosphere, and is used as a proxy for terrestrial gross primary production (GPP; CO2 uptake). However, large uncertainties in estimating the relative magnitude of the COS sources limits this approach. Isotopic measurements were suggested as a novel tool to constrain COS sources, yet such measurements are currently scarce. In this project I aim to identify the isotopic signal of the major components of the COS budget based on sulfur (S) isotopes measurements of natural samples and products gases from lab experiments. Such measurements will allow to understand key processes in COS sources and sinks and ultimately to create and improved global COS budget, based on isotopic mass balance.