Hadar Cohen-Sadon

Ph.D candidate
Advisors: Prof. Alon Amrani and Dr. Yoav Oved Rosenberg
128 North

Interests:  Geology, Isotope-Geochemistry, Petroleum, organic-geochemistry, paleo-environment.

Research topic: A new approach for evaluation of the deposition environment of organically rich sedimentary rocks based on the thermal stability of organic sulfur

In the first part of my research (most of my M.Sc.) I developed a rapid and robust method for S quantification and d34S values determination in sedimentary rocks and their  different S fractions (organic S and pyrite S) by coupling a RockEval 7S Analyzer (RE-7S, Vinci Technologies) to a MC-ICPMS (Neptune plus, ThermoFischer).

The aim of the second part of my research is to study the mechanisms affecting a new physical parameter, Tmax-S, which is measured by the new method, to develop new geochemical proxies. Tmax-S reflects the thermal stability of the organic-S and was found linear to the percentage of pyrolysis organic-S out of the total organic-S and to d34S values of the S fractions. The linear correlation was common to many sedimentary rocks that altogether represent a wide spectrum of natural heterogeneity. My hypothesis is that Tmax-S can be used as a proxy reflecting on the structure of the OM and hence provide improved geochemical and paleoenvironmental information.