Hadar Cohen-Sadon

Ph.D candidate
Advisors: Prof. Alon Amrani and Dr. Yoav Oved Rosenberg
128 North
Interests:  Geology, Isotope-Geochemistry, Petroleum, organic-geochemistry, paleo-environment.
Research topic: A new approach to evaluate the paleo-environmental conditions of organically rich sedimentary rocks using sulfur measurement. 
In the first part of my research, I developed a rapid and robust method for S quantification and d34S values determination in sedimentary rocks and their different S-fractions (organic-S and pyrite-S). The methods were established using a Rock Eval analyzer for rapid pyrolysis and combustion cycles. The new method provides a new variable that is hypothesized to reflet on paleo redox conditions of sediments deposition. Therefore, in the second part of my research I am investigating the ability of this variable to serve as a paleo proxy using organic geochemistry tools and methods.