Ynon Hefets

Ph.D candidate
Advisors: Prof. Carynelisa Haspel
311 North

Interests: PhD - Scattering of electromagnetic radiation by anisotropic particles in the Ocean and Atmosphere, Air and Underwater light polarization.

(MSc – Non-Linear Optics, Physics of Plasma, High-Intensity Lasers)

Dissertation Title: Examining the Effect of Optically Anisotropic Particles on Circularly and Linearly Polarized Radiation in the Oceans and Atmosphere: A New Fundamental Modeling Approach.

My research is dealing with the polarization of scattered electromagnetic radiation from anisotropic scatterers. In the current phase of my research, I am investigating the effect of optically active particles on the polarization of radiation in the oceans and atmosphere with a new discrete dipole approximation (DDA) and Monte-Carlo-style implementation that allows for each molecular-scale subunit to be explicitly chiral. In the next phase of my research, I aim to investigate the effect of birefringence particles on the polarization of the scattered radiation. In both phases of the research, I am looking for the effect of chirality\birefringence scatterers at the range of scale-length from one nanometer (Rayleigh scattering) up to a few microns (Mie scattering).


Ynon Hefets, Jenya Papeer, Indranuj Dey, and Arie Zigler, "Simultaneous length extension and temporal prolongation of high-density plasma filaments generated by a femtosecond laser in the air," OSA Continuum 3, 267-274 (2020)