Mr. Yoav Ben Dor

YBD sampling GFZ
Ph.D student, supervised by Yehouda Enzel , Efrat Morin and Yigal Erel
Room 17


Research interests: Paleoclimate, hydrology, limnology, sedimentary petrography

Reasearch Topic: Seasonal to centennial hydro-meteorological variability during late Pleistocene climate changes in the Levant from deep Dead Sea sediments



Climate models suggest that hydrological changes resulting from spreading aridity as greenhouse gasses content rises, will affect billions of people populating subtropical regions. The preparation of countries and societies therefore requires constraints on the expected effects of the hydrometeorological response in these areas to climate change. However, one of the major limitations in the study of past hydroclimatological variability involves the difficulty of disentangling local hydrological response and extreme hydrometeorological events from mean climatic conditions, and their comparison with modern instrumental data.

The quasi-continuous Dead Sea Deep Drilling Project sediment core (ICDP-DSDDP) and adjacent sedimentary deposits provide the opportunity to reconstruct hydroclimatic variability of the Levant, a representative mid-latitude climate zone, located on the transition area between temperate and arid climates, in high resolution. This reconstruction will illuminate changes in the frequency of precipitation and extreme storms during episodes of global climate changes, and will provide a comparison for the possible hydrological outcomes of modern climate change in mid-latitudes.