Atomic Force Microscopy Lab (AFM)


As part of the Water-Rock Interaction lab ( headed by Prof. Simon Emmanuel at the Institute of Earth Sciences, we operate a Bruker MultiMode 8 atomic force microscope (AFM) with a Nanoscope V Controller. As well as having extensive experience imaging mineral and rock surfaces during geochemical reactions, we also perform nanomechanical measurements (Peakforce QNM) and magnetic force microscopy (MFM).
Specialized equipment includes:
  • Fluid cell (for experiments in liquid environments)
  • Environmental cell with argon gas flow (for experiments in an inert atmosphere)
  • Heating and cooling scanner and controller (for experiments in the range 20oC - 220oC)
If you are interested in using the AFM or collaborating on a project, please feel free to contact Prof. Simon Emmanuel (