The Neev Center for Geoinfomatics

The Neev Center for Geoinfomatics was established in 2011 by Dr. John K. Hall, Prof. Yigal Erel and Prof. Amotz Agnon to address a variety of questions using geophysical and geological instruments.  The ‘Neevers’ team are a group of MSc, PhD and Post-doc students supervised by Prof. Amotz Agnon, mapping, processing, analyzing and interpreting using various geophysical instruments and datasets.

The Center is equipped with ten powerful workstations, seismic and geographic information processing software, shallow seismic and GPR field equipment, 820 channel Javad Triumph LS GPS, field XRF analyzer, metal detector, legacy data scanning, multiple drones and cameras, a library, and a large digital collection of posters and maps. All the equipment is open for the use of Graduate Students. The Neev Center acts as a student hub and provides a friendly workplace with coffee machine.

Our Group website  

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