Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Sciences

Studies in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences focus on physical and chemical processes related to the composition and movement of air in the atmosphere. The aim of the program is to provide students with tools for understanding the atmospheric processes that determine the weather and climate systems, and the changes that occur in them as a result of either natural or human factors. Studies in the department provide the tools for an in-depth understanding of important phenomena such as: global warming and its connection to the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations; the effect of air pollution on the process of rain formation and how rain can be increased by cloud seeding; the hole in the ozone in the upper atmosphere and the connection between air pollution and ozone in the lower layers. In addition, the curriculum deals with the principles of atmospheric air movement and weather forecasting, the causes of the chaotic characteristics of air movement and the way in which they limit predictability. Each Master’s candidate’s course list is determined through consultation with their research advisor and thesis committee, and with the approval of the department head, and depends on the background of the student and the topic of their research.