Master's Degree in Geology

The Department of Geology deals with the development of the Earth and its mode of action, the processes that take place in its depths and on its surface, and the interactions between the atmosphere, the oceans and the lithosphere. Master's degree studies in the Department of Geology include courses, laboratories, tours, and a final thesis. The graduate students are personally mentored by the institute's instructors, and upon graduation (according to their various specializations) they are ready to engage in a variety of fundamental and infrastructural topics, such as the search for natural resources, Israel's water resource issues, Dead Sea research, environmental surveying, and environmental risk mapping for landslides, erosion, and earthquakes. For gas and oil, Dead Sea research, environmental surveys, etc. The best of our students will delve deeper into the research, and will continue their studies as PhD candidates. The Institute of Earth Sciences maintains a close relationship with the Israeli Geological Survey, and some graduate students conduct their research as part of this collaboration. In addition to the option to conduct a general master's degree in geology, the department offers the possibility of specializing in the geology of mineral fuels and geoarchaeology. In the future, a specialization in geophysics is also planned.
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