Avishai Abbo

Avishai Abbo
Ph.D student, supervised by Prof. Dov Avigad
Room 128 North

My PhD deals with creating a unified paleo-tectonic model for the Cadomian event in Europe, focusing on the East Mediterranean region, and possibly beyond, in terms of timing, sequence of events and crustal evolution. I study tectonic processes that create new continental crust along existing continental margins. Present day North Africa, and terranes that evolved in the past ~600 million years on the North African margin, and are embedded today within Southeast Europe (Turkey, Greece and the Balkan) are my case study. I aim to create a unified tectonic framework for such processes. In my work I study the field geology of my target areas, and perform petrographic examinations, followed by U-Pb geochronology in zircon, rutile and other minerals, supported by Hf isotopes in zircon. These measurements allow me to constrain tectonic events in time and place, and trace the origin of the continental crust formed in these tectonic events.

Research Interests: Global Tectonics, Paleo-Tectonic Reconstructions, Gondwana, Neoproterozoic geology, Crustal Evolution, Igneous and Metamorphic rocks, Provenance, Geochronology, Zircon U-Pb-Hf studies, LA-ICP-MS single grain techniques