Ilya Kutuzov

Ph.D candidate
Advisors: Prof. Alon Amrani
123 North


Interests:  Organic-geochemistry, Isotope-Geochemistry, Paleo-environment, Petroleum-geochemistry, Basin-modeling, Speleology

Dissertation Title: Study of the volatile organic sulfur compounds in gas and oil reservoirs

Volatile organic sulfur compounds (VOSC’s) are important components of oil and gas

in petroleum reservoirs. Despite their relatively low concentrations (i.e., ppm level), VOSC’s can provide important information about the origin of petroleum, in-reservoir diagenetic transformation, thermal maturation, oil and gas generation and migration processes with a petroleum system.

The aim of this study is to utilize the molecular and isotopic composition (δ34S) of VOSC as a new geochemical proxy for the origin, transformation and fate of natural gas in gas reservoirs. To achieve these study goals, the molecular and isotopic composition of VOSC in natural gas and condensates samples from China and Canada will be studied. Additionally, two large sets of pyrolysis experiments will be conducted: first set will cover a wide range source rocks and second will cover reactions of pure methane with H2S. The obtained results and conclusions will be used for the development a new geochemical proxy, based on VOSC and comparison to existing geochemical tools (e.g., 13C), for the identification of gas source, gas thermal maturity and relevant in-reservoir processes.


Other studies:

  • Oil groups in the continental margin and onshore Israel- geochemical characterization
  • The fate of spilled oil in arid climate- case study of the Ein-Evrona nature reserve