Dr. Yuval Burstyn

Yuval Burstyn
Postdoctoral research assistant, Goldsmith Lab (Yonatan Goldsmith)
Rooftop suite, South


Research Interests:
My main research interest is in past climate changes, focusing the transition in to and out of rapid climate events as well as exploring the ever expanding field of high-resolution in-situ analysis of geological records to uncover subtle changes in seasonality.
I dabble in karst hydrogeochemistry, speleothem multi-proxy climate records, soil dynamics interpreted using environmental magnetism, conventional stable isotopes thermodynamics (mainly O and C).
You can find me in front of a computer, coding geochemical models and statistical tools to match climate input signals, in the lab developing methods to use Laser-Ablation ICP-MS on a variety of samples (from speleothems to snails), in the workshop building new logging amd sampling devices, or sometimes in the field (caving, sampling karst water, digging in lake deposits or just helping out friends).
Member of the PAGES workgroup SISAL
Certified SAR team member with INSARAG 
Assistant producer inDnegev