Preparatory Program in Chemistry and Mathematics

Towards the start of the school year, an integrated and abbreviated preparation course is held for the chemistry, mathematics, and physics introductory courses that are required in first year studies in the various tracks in Earth Sciences. The course is intended for first-year students in the departments of Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and the combined curricula: Chemical and Biological Sciences and Chemistry-Physics.

The scope of the course is about 56 hours in chemistry and about 46 hours in mathematics. In addition, the course includes initial instruction in writing laboratory reports.
The aim of the course is to impart the most basic tools in chemistry to students who did not study chemistry in high school, and to refresh the memories of those who studied chemistry a long time ago and are interested in it. Another important goal of the course is to refresh the mathematical background of the students leading up to the school year and thereby prepare them for the mathematics and physics courses taught in the first year.
This course is especially recommended for students tested for 3 matriculation units in mathematics, or 4 units with a grade of less than 85, or 5 units with a grade of less than 80. 
The mathematics, physics and chemistry courses in the first year of study are based on the material learned in 5 units of mathematics. This is a golden opportunity for students to fill in knowledge gaps, and to improve their chances of success in their studies. Participation in this course is highly recommended by the department. Experience shows that students who take the course are able to cope better with the relevant courses in the first school year.
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Translation: Alie Naor