Alon Angert

Alon Angert
Associate Professor
Room 313 North


Climate Change affects the terrestrial biosphere, while changes in the biosphere feedback and affect the climate system. Understanding these complex interactions is important at the time of Global Change.

Related research in our lab includes developing the use of oxygen stable isotopes of phosphate for tracking phosphorus in dust and its biogeochemical cycling in soil. This research is based on field work, remote-sensing and lab work. These approaches could help evaluate the effects of changing climate on the terrestrial phosphorus cycle, which is an important limiting factor for plant growth.
Another research projects track the internal CO2 movement and recycling within forest trees, and explore the engagement of the Alternative Oxidase in natural ecosystems. These research directions are based on high accuracy measurements of O2 concentrations and stable isotopes.


Curriculum Vitae

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Terrestrial Biogeochemestry- Angert's lab Group


Tal Weiner - Lab Manager

Research Interests: The study of soil phosphate and it's sources using stable isotopes analysis



Laura Bigio - Phd student

Research Interests: Atmospheric phosphate sources (dust, ash and pollen) and their contribution to the global phosphorus cycle.


chen davidson  

 Chen Davidson - Msc student

 Research Interest: 

 Studying Carbonyl Sulfide in order to estimate terrestrial   global primary production



Former Members


Boaz Hilman - Former Phd student

Currently: Post Doctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for biogeochemestry





H Lis


Hagar Lis - Former Post- Doctoral Researcher 

Currently: Associate researcher at the Plant science department at the Hebrew University


Avner Gross - Former Phd student
Currently: Assistant Prof. at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev

 Sasha Pekarsky - Former Msc student

 Research Interest: Crane Migration study with oxygen stable isotopes



Esther Peled                                                

 Esther Peled - Former MSc Student 

 Currently: Head of Sustainability and Environment - Sustainability and  CSR Group at BDO Israel



 Sarit Shaltiel - Former MSc Student

 Currently: Organic Search Marketing at Tenengroup Ltd.


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