Assaf Hochman

photo credit:  Moti Milrod
Senior Lecturer
309 North

Lab name: Predictability of Extreme Weather (PredEx).

Interests:  Dynamics and predictability of extreme weather; Climate change; Paleoclimate modelling; Large-Scale circulation; Exoplanet climate dynamics; Public health adaptation to climate change

Research Interests 

The predictability of weather and climate is the estimation of uncertainty in model predictions. Atmospheric predictability is strongly dependent on the accuracy of initial conditions, on the representation of sub grid-scale processes and on climate change scenarios. The main purpose of my research is in reducing extreme climate and weather prediction uncertainties across spatial and temporal scales, especially over vulnerable populated regions. My work addresses the issue of weather and climate predictability from different perspectives including physical observations, computer modelling and mathematical/statistical theory.


Ongoing and future projects

  • Sub-seasonal Predictability of Hydrological Extremes in the Eastern Mediterranean (SPredHex).
  • Towards Implementing Dynamical Systems Tools for Extreme Weather Prediction over the Middle East and Israel (EMedPredEx).
  • Understanding Dynamics and Predictability of Extreme Mediterranean Cyclones (PredCEx).
  • Understanding Extreme Climate Characteristics in the Levant from a Regional Modelling Perspective (PredExClim).
  • Developing a dynamical systems framework for the broad range of terrestrial exoplanet climates (ExoClimDyn).
  • The Influence of Extreme Weather on Public Health in the Eastern Mediterranean (ExHealth).

Opportunities: Exciting, funded opportunities in these areas for M.Sc and PhD students as well as postdoctoral research associates.

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