Itzhak Lior

Senior Lecturer
14 south


Interests: Earthquake Seismology, Distributed Acoustic Sensing, Earthquake Early Warning, Source Parameter Inversion, Ground Motion Prediction

Research Interests

The relation between the processes at the earthquake source and the seismic waves recorded at the Earth’s surface is key for many seismological purposes. In my research, I am combining theory and observations to gain new insight into the effects of the different source properties (such as magnitude, stress drop, directivity) on the resulting ground motions. I then use this understanding for various practical and theoretical aspects including earthquake early warning (EEW), ground motion prediction equations (GMPE), source parameter inversion, studying the differences between small and large earthquakes, predicting the damage potential, and more.

Recently, I am using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) applied to optical fibers. This new technology transforms standard telecommunication cables into tens-of-kilometers long seismic arrays, allowing for ground motion measurements every few meters in a high-resolution low cost approach. These new observations allow us to study earthquakes, ocean waves, ambient seismic noise, image subsurface geological structures, and more. DAS is a game changer in seismology since it allows for seismic recordings in hard to access regions (underwater, in boreholes), and provides abundant observations for new and exciting scientific discoveries.


Curriculum Vitae