Guy Dagan

Senior lecturer
Research interests
The Earth’s radiation budget and future climate change are intricately linked to clouds and aerosols. Efforts to accurately predict future climate, and socially adopt to it, are hampered by our limited understanding of how aerosols, clouds, circulation and climate interact. My main research interest is in trying to better understand the role of clouds and aerosols in the climate system. In order to do so I mostly use numerical models of different scales (from the single cloud scale to the global scale). Today’s state-of-the-art climate models, which are the main tool for predicting climate change, cannot work with the sufficient resolution required to directly solve the relevant physical processes related to clouds. This inability hampers our efforts to account for the clouds’ role in climate change and to predict future climate. On the other hand, high-resolution, limited-area, cloud resolving simulations are unable to directly account for the changes in the dynamics and thermodynamics of the climate system, hence they lack an important component of the clouds response. I believe that cerfully combining these tools (limited-area high resolution simulations and global simulations) together with observations is the preferred way to improve our understanding.