Graduate studies in earth science

The Department of Earth Sciences offers a unique research master's degree program. We strive to foster a creative learning atmosphere in a warm and welcoming academic home that provides diverse learning options while nurturing excellence. The department's instructors are top-notch scientists and researchers, whose research focuses on key topics at the forefront of earth sciences. All graduate students play a key role in these studies.


Each of the programs offered by the Department of Earth Sciences is built with the aim of ensuring a high level of study and to provide graduates with comprehensive and high-quality knowledge and training that will prepare them for a wide range of research and applied work. Recipients of BSc, MSc, and PhD degrees from the Earth Sciences Department form the backbone of earth sciences study in all the research universities in the country, as well as in leading research institutes such as the Geological Survey of Israel, the Israel Meteorological Service, the Hydrological Service, the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute, and more. Graduates of the program are also found in water, mineral, oil and gas exploration companies, environmental organizations, weather forecasting, geological engineering, the IDF, as well as in teaching positions, following a combined learning program with teaching certificate studies.