Sample Preparation Laboratory

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Sample Preparation Laboratory

The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 



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Our Sample Preparation Laboratory is well equipped with a suite of work stations for research in the geological, physical and electron microscopy sciences.

The laboratory helps us to promote, support and initiate research and teaching through preparation and processing of geological and environmental samples for textural and chemical analyses of solid samples. It is widely used by our students, research and industry partners.

The Laboratory stations house a sectioning and polishing equipment that you can use to produce high-quality thin and thick sections of inorganic solid specimens for electron microscopy and solid chemical analyses.

The lab specializes in 1-inch samples, 90% of the samples used in the EPMA and LA-ICP-MS are 1” (outside diameter) rounds or geological thin and thick sections.

Sample sizes that can be accepted by the analytics instruments:

·       Epoxy mounts: 1 inch in outside diameter and 1 inch in depth.

·       Thin and thick sections: 4.5 cm long by 2.6 cm wide.

·       Large flat samples can measure 7.5 cm long by 3.5 cm wide and 2 mm thick.

·       There are a few other sample sizes that can be accepted; ask if you have questions.


The following tools are available for the treatment of the samples:

Vacuum chamber: Struers CitoVac


  • For dry and outgassing samples
  • Provide pressure of 0.22-0.73 bar


Sectioning: Struers accutom 50


  • 4-inch diameter x 2-mm thickness saw
  • For cutting small rock samples with high precision


Polishing: ATM Saphir 520


  • 1-1.57 inch diameter x 5 samples
  • For polishing samples to 1 micron roughness in high accuracy
  • There is also a possibility to polish to the approximately level of 40 nm roughness
  • Option for polishing thin and thick sections
  • Option for polishing special size and sample




Sputter coater: Quorum Q150R


  • For precise Carbon coating
  • 100 mm rotation stage
  • Provide pressure of 1X10-2 mbar